Tasked with the accountability to ensure optimal level of call center efficiency, Robb Auber has always made it possible for small businesses to reach out to their potential audiences within stipulated timeframe by using his business intelligence. He owns a glorious professional career which started early in 1972 from ICT Group Bloomsburg, PA and Miami, FL. Here, worked for 3 years and accomplished so many remarkable goals successfully. At ICT Group, he was tasked with the responsibility to oversee 120-seat outbound call center. As an assistant director of operations, Robb Auber productively expanded the business by offering satisfactory customer services and solutions within his tenure.

After ICT Group, Robb Auber joined XMM Corp/ Cross Media in Kennesaw, GA in 2000 as a director of call center sales. Here he was responsible to oversee the operation management and to ensure utmost productive efficiency. In addition to his responsibility, he was handling some major projects with continual improvements and the use of cost-effective call center infrastructure. During his days at XMM Corp/ Cross Media, he undertook major projects with his business acumen finance, SOP, customer service, and initiative management.

Continuing his careers, he earned remarkable expertise in telemarketing and business process outsourcing. And currently he runs a successful telemarketing company called Teleiman LLC. As a CEO, he is overseeing a team of more than 500 service professionals with an objective to surpass organizational goals. At Teleiman LLC, Robb has expanded the client base by using his treasured skills what he has earned over the last 20 years.

Teleiman LLC is a business processing outsourcing company that deals in inbound and outbound calling. With increase client base, the company provides comprehensive telemarketing solutions to the small businesses.

His exceptional skills include start-up operations, workforce optimization, retention techniques, sales execution & marketing, business model development, inbound & outbound calling, customer relationship management (CRM), etc.