Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing speaks of those techniques, which are used to reach out to the potential audiences. With increasing popularity of telemarketing services, we have now increased options for telemarketing. Teleiman LLC is a leading service provider that offers innovative solutions to meet individual business need. It offers mainly two categories of services – voice and non-voice – which include a number of solutions with different operational properties. Though the services are different pertaining to the procedures and techniques, yet they are aimed to provide shared solutions to increase the business and clients’ base.

The telemarketing services at Teleiman LLC are not confined to product promotion only; rather they do also ensure customer retention with increased accuracy.

Here are some key important telemarketing services that the company offers to its clients:

  • Help Desk Support: It is the most effective tool to ensure customer satisfaction, as the customers seek for assistance once they purchase a particular product or service. It is offered by product experts who direct the customers over the telephone.
  • Lead Generation: Generating leads can help start-ups increase their customer base and consequently it results in business development. Teleiman LLC employs the most experienced service professionals to generate leads in order to generate qualified leads.
  • Email Marketing:It has emerged as the most effective tool to promote a business by sending a promotional email to the prospective audiences.
  • SEO & SMO: Search engine optimization and social media optimization are two contemporary methods to attract audiences to a particular website. As the numbers of netizens are increasing day by day, telemarketers used these two tools to reach the targets and draw them to a particular website.
  • Loyalty Program: Brand loyalty is a great thing for a business, as it ensures you have a pool of customers who can never leave availing your products or services. Teleiman LLC has an innovative team under the guidance of Robb Auber, who ensures utmost accuracy in loyalty program.

Apart from the services aforementioned, Teleiman has some added services to offer like cross-selling, data processing, surveys, etc.